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S.K.Plast (Pvt) Ltd company are leading manufacturer of quality pet preforms and pet bottles. S.K.Plast are specialized in making carbonated soft drinks, hot filled juices, cooking oil, herbal as well as mineral water bottles with wide range from 240ml to 6.0Ltr. S.K.Plast have latest technology of Pet Injection & Pet blowing machines. S.K.Plast has been continuing & keeping its tradition of innovation by introducing new and latest technologies of Pet bottle making in Pakistan.
  • 17.5 gram 28mm (250ml medicine and herbal).
  • 18 gram 30mm (500 & 600ml Mineral water and soft drink)
  • 19.5 gram 28mm (250 & 300ml Beverage and Juices
  • 32 gram 30mm (1000 & 1500ml Mineral water and soft drink)
  • 36 gram 28mm (1000ml Beverage and soft drink)
  • 45 gram 28mm (1500ml Beverage and soft drink)
  • 112.5 gram 47mm (6.0ltr Mineral water and 5.0ltr Juice)
  • Blowing system for Carbonated soft drink (275ml to 1500ml) .
  • Blowing system for Hot filling juice bottles (250ml & 500ml)
  • Blowing system for Mineral water (600ml & 1500ml)
  • Blowing system for other soft drink bottles (500ml – 2000ml)

  • Blowing system for 5.0ltr (Juice & Oil) & 6.0ltr(Mineral water)
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